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 Syphon The Unicorn

Let's Explore Pleasure Together!

Who is Syphon The Unicorn?

After struggling for years to be monogamous and happy, Syphon the Unicorn began to learn about ethical non-monogamy and attending lifestyle parties. Finally free and feeling like she found her tribe. Not too long after that, She began to explore kink. Syphon is the living embodiment of what pathways could be created through BDSM.​Since entering the POC kink scene in New York City, Syphon has been known as the submissive to Sir Marvelous, Professional Sensual BDSM Dominant and Kink Consultant, who also specializes in Intro to BDSM. You may also know her from guest appearances, panel discussions and live performances.


Syphon is co-owner of Marvelous Things Entertainment, established in 2021 in the New York Metro area. Our mission is to promote positive and safe experiences for kink practitioners by providing the necessary resources, knowledge and communication tools to our community. We strive to destigmatize the negative connotation associated with those who practice kink while encouraging self education, enthusiastic consent and open dialogue about safety. With our platform we hope to create an environment of acceptance, understanding and better representation of people of color in kink and the space where people can explore their limits. Marvelous Things Entertainment, serves as the umbrella company for all entertainment, educational performances and content created by Sir Marvelous and Syphon the Unicorn. 

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